The Point/Il Punto

Dear Reader,

I appreciate your interest for this research. Please consider that it took me  10 years to come to the conclusion that a very ancient civilization can only be found in India. During these 10 years, tons of material have been under scrutiny to evaluate this findings I kindly ask you to spend some time and think carefully to all options, even if you know little about history and anthropology.

Now it appear logic and conclusive that Atlantis was real and it did exists in the East of the known world of the ancient past. Our today vision as Europeans cannot conceive that we were simple cavemen when Atlantis was already a civilization. Free your mind and you will see everything clearly in front of your eyes.

Thank you for this kind attention and I hope you will see what has been hidden for millenia, and many want to keep it that way!

Eugenio Bagni Ralbadisole.


Geometry and Astronomy in Atlantis





I just found this old map of Mount Girnar with 6 peaks.

In previous references and from my survey, only 5 peaks were visible, this can explain the three major pyramids at Giza plus 3 minors.

I also found that only few centuries ago, at the bottom of the Mountain, a lake was present, probably smaller than the original.

6 Peaks of Girinagar


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