Moses, the Tables of the Law and The Ark of the Covenant

Doli Porter at Girinagar

This drawing portrait the Doli Porters at Mount Girinagar in the State of Gujarat.

The tradition of bringing heavy objects and people is been in use since old times, when the stairs climbing to the top of Mount Girinagar have been built.

If Moses came here with the Israelites escaping from the Egyptian Pharaoh, he received the table of the law on top of this sacred Mountain. They built a wooden crate covered with gold leafs and two angels on top as guardians. Then they brought the Tables of the Law down to the settlements of the Israelites, soon they departed to the promised land and they walk with this crate as depicted by the Doli Porter of today Mount Girinagar.

The golden crate late in history was called “Ark of the Covenant” and it disappeared from Israel long time ago.

The tradition of writing law on stone has been a divine revelation for millenia. The Indian King Ashoka had a stone with the law written in three languages, the rock is still visible here in Mount Girinagar.



Round and Round at Junagadh

This colored box is located at the end of the West Canal in Junagadh, in Gujarat.

Once a year, as one of the infinite Indian Traditions, some people gather around this box and holding the hands to each other, turn around and around in anti-clockwise motion.