Preliminary report on the findings of the Mountain Complex City of Atlantis

Mountain-Complex City of Atlantis References English

Photos English

Rapporto preliminare sul ritrovamento di Atlantide

Montagna e Cittá di Atlantide Referenze Italiano

Foto Italiano

Hot Water Sources and Thermal Photo of Gujarat: Geothermal Sites in Gujarat  

Fonti acque calde e foto termica del Gujarat: Geothermal Sites in Gujarat  


Map of Mineral Deposit in India / Carta Mineraria dell’India.

Courtesy of

map minerals india

Diffusion of Paternal Chromosome Ra1a1. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Diffusione del Gene R1a1.


The Sacred Books of India / I Libri Sacri dell’India

Testi Sacri India Organigramma

The City of Harappa among the Saraswati and Indus River.

I Fiumi Indus e Saraswati con in mezzo la Cittá di Harappa.



Earth Energy Grid / Griglia Energetica della Terra

Harmonic 695 Bruce Leonard Cathie


Old Maps/Mappe Antiche: Old Maps / Mappe Antiche



Oldham, C.F. (1905) The Sun and the Serpent Worship


Cooper, William R. (1873) – The Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt


Rapson, E.J. (1922) – The cambridge History of India vol.1 – Ancient India


Cosmas Indicopleustes, Christian Topography (Cambridge University Press 1909)