Contact Mail & Support for this research in India.

First Stage of field research in Junagadh, Gujarat, India.

An amount of 15,700 USD$ is required for the financing of a first stage of research in India in the location of the oldest Human Settlement. Individuals or Foundation should deposit only 700 USD$, then contact Eugenio Ralbadisole for the details of the Research Plan. The person helping the research have to join the expedition, and do their travel arrangements to India in according to the Plan, any other amount will be then deposited only at the meeting at the moment of the start of the travel to Mumbai or Delhi. A local company will do a geological survey on site under our supervision, performing a vertical drilling in several generic sites around the Mountain Complex of Girnar, in Gujarat. Due to the difficulties of granting confidence and trust, I kindly asking an act of courage for this possibility of proving the finding of the century. All arrangements required by the parties will be discussed before any concrete initiative. All the best, and hope that just 1 person in the world will understand the value of this. Sincerely, Eugenio Ralbadisole.


Further activities in Junagadh will be to organize a local foundation to teach English to the Professional Tour Guides in Junagadh and Gir Forest National Park. This is the only place in the world outside Africa where Lions can enjoy a protected and free environment.

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